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How to use this blog. This blog is a compilation of local food sources, local services and local events. To find a particular item or event please look at posts made during the particular months as listed. Or if the listing is underlined, just click on it, Or if you are looking for a individual item or vendor try the search box on the right.
January 2016- New Year, New Things to Do!
February 2015 - Middle of February and more events!
March 2015- March/April Events,
April 2015 - Do stuff in April!
May 2015 -
June 2015 - June and lots to do!
July 2014 - Beginning of July Events! Middle of July into August - Events Do you raise meat locally? Find out about a new organization
August 2014- Middle of August and On, events!
September 2014- September events!
October 2014 - Middle of October events!
November 2015- November, lots to do!
December 2015 -
Beginning of December - lots to do! Important date correction 12-12-16

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


This blog has been replaced with a companion blog to the new Free range News
Please visit our new blog at this address
see you there!
Claire and Chris

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